Security Vulnerability Solutions for Non-Tech People | In Simple Language

Security Vulnerability Solutions for Non-Tech People | In Simple Language

In the world of data, the Security of personal data is the biggest concern of anyone. Knowingly or unknowingly we share a lot of data to the company like Google and Facebook. In the old era, we have made walls/doors to protect our property from external threats. So now how far you will go to protect you and your beloved property.

In this article, I will explain how you can protect your data using some basic tips. You don't have to be super technical to protect you.

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To protect your assets, First, you have to understand what assets do you have with you. Data is everywhere. First thing you see, when you wake-up could be mobile and laptop, based on age. If you close to teen, most probably mobile and your messengers. As you terns on mobile, You start sharing data. You have like multiple messaging apps like Whatsapp/Facebook/WeChat.

1. Advertisement(Ads) Phishing

So question is, how much you should concern about your data? To understand that let’s understand the revenue model of Facebook, Google, and other tech giants.

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You can clearly guess, Your small data is the 98.5% revenue for Facebook. In last year, The yearly estimated revenue for Facebook was around 70 Billion [source]. The total number of users on Facebook is around 2.6 billion [source]. So you contribute, almost ~27$ to Facebook yearly. If you have 5 members at your home, So around 100$ just watching videos and memes on Facebook.

:::note Fact Check: Out of 2.6 billion, 1.8 billion are real accounts. Rest are either fake or bots. :::

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Other companies are not far away. A company like WeChat, TikTok goes extra miles. You event track your key movements.

Read More:

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2. Sharing is not caring

This tag line does not work for the data. Personal information is the worst thing to share with someone else. The more you share information, The more you will become vulnerable. Google is the biggest example of that. Whenever you search for something on Google. You actually let Google know, what may you can buy in the next few weeks. And Google starts sending you a Focused message, notification to remind you what you should buy. To understand this effect, You should watch the 2015 movie Focus>).

One day, I search for how to learn swimming. The next day, I see ADs of the Eyes protection glass Ads as a suggestion on multiple websites. The biggest among those, When I actually decided to buy the glasses and I visit Lazada(one of the shopping app in Singapore). I saw same glasses in my recommended section. It was the WTF moment for me.

So definitely sharing is not caring.

To understand how prediction(Not Suggestion) algorithms work for Google. You can read

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3. The solution is the problem

Previously, The quote was “necessity is the mother of innovation”. That is changed not to “problem is the source of innovation”. Meaning, The new moto around the tech world is, Find a problem and solve it better than the others.

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Let’s discuss a scenario. I have a small cotton business, I won't open my own store and sell product online. Ok. So I need to buy a domain and I need to create a website and host on platform. You will say, The title was this article is for non-technical. But now i am getting too technical. But you have to understand this.

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No doubt, AWS(Amazon Web Service) is ahead in this field. However, does it worth investing money on something which is wearing more than me ??

Companies in banking sectors, Invest huge amounts of money to buy the products and use it in name of simplicity. But the question we should ask, Do we really needed it?

You can ask a question where is data(personal) here. The answer is, you are right there is no real data-data shared here. But you are given an idea of data to these companies so that they can find the solution to a problem which never exits or can be solved simply.

:::info This is mostly applicable to big companies. And very much opinionating. :-D :::

Solution: So mota-moti(a Hindi word for roughly), We have a few problems to solve. So how??

The answer is very simple. Delete the App.

I did so. Past few months, I am using my mobile without Facebook, Instagram, and Chrome. I never have to install TikTok for more than 10min. That also to watch, what are the feature provided by TikTok.

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Deleting is not the proper solution. In this era of data, You don't want to be backward by not letting you learn something new. So what to do.


Recently, I found the Browser like Brave. The tagline for Brave is You deserve a better Internet. Yes, We do deserve. This browser is built on top Chromium which is the open-source version of the chrome. Meaning that it is the most closet thing you can get as an alternative to Chrome.

Brave, does not track your activity without your permission. You let the browser to track you, you get paid for your data. To understand more, Please just go to there landing page.

Search Engine:

Brave comes with multiple search engines, including Google and Duck Duck Go. I start using DuckDuckGo. The search result is not as good as Google(reason less data capture). But it has lots of good features like rating of the page. Every time you open a page you see rating of the page. A grade with green signal is a good sign for your data security.

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You can go and check out

Alternative to Apps:

In the end, how we can use social sites without the apps. I know it is tough, I have deactivated few of my social networking account. But you don’t have to be hard on your self. Most of the app has a website for there products. If you are only visitor, not contributors. You can view all the posts from your friends on the browser and still connected with friends. Like I use Instagram, on my Brave browser. I know I can't upload pics here. But good for me till now.

text title="Quotes of the Day" "Change is painful but Change is good for you"

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